Sierra Solutions uses FieldLogix to Improve Accountability

sierra-solutions-testimonialSierra Solutions, a traveling direct sales company, says the company has saved thousands in its first year of using FieldLogix by being able to prove misuse of vehicles, verify overtime hours and reduce fuel consumption by over 20%. A fleet tracking system can make employees more accountable. Accountability reduces the odds that a driver will be in an accident.

Heather Gessner, Customer Service Manager of Sierra Solutions, said, “When you are dealing with hundreds of employees, there may be a few that aren’t doing what they should. GPS tracking is a way to deal with that.” With FieldLogix, instead of relying on driver awareness and honesty or observer complaints, you can have a precise measurement of your drivers’ movements and location.

Mrs. Gessner said, “FieldLogix is really great. We love the ability to be able to track our employees especially since we have drivers in several states. FieldLogix has really helped us to make sure our employees do not speed. We had a few drivers that were speeding all the time and we had no idea before installing a GPS tracking system. GPS tracking adds another layer of safety,” Gessner stated of her workers, who travel to different locations daily to procure company sales. “and FieldLogix’s customer service is the best.”

The FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Management system helps companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wasteful activities. It reduces the management headaches experienced by fleet managers by providing them with more control and making drivers accountable for their actions.

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