RLH Fire Protection uses FieldLogix to Stop a Theft Claim

RLH Fire Protection designs, installs, inspects and repairs fire suppression systems throughout California. They operate a fleet of 50 vehicles throughout their regional offices in Bakersfield, Pleasanton, and San Francisco.

rlh-fire-protectionRLH purchased FieldLogix back in 2010 because they had concerns about inaccurate timesheets, leading to excessive labor costs, as well as challenges in supervising employees working throughout a very wide geographical area. Prior to FieldLogix, they tried using GPS tracking cellular phones. They decided to move from this type of solution because drivers were turning them off throughout the day and were intentionally “forgetting” them at home during the weekends.

Recently, RLH experienced a theft event that was resolved with the use of FieldLogix. Eric Geye of RLH stated: “While performing an installation on a home, a neighboring house claimed that RLH employees stole his vehicle”. He said that one of my vehicles was parked across the street from his house as his vehicle was being stolen. FieldLogix proved that our vehicle was actually sitting in our yard at the exact time of the theft. I then printed one of the system’s reports and presented it to the police, his insurance company, as well as to the person claiming In addition, a company they recently acquired has been using another GPS tracking system to monitor their vehicles. Eric says that “FieldLogix completely blows the other system out of the water from ease of use and system accuracy”.

The FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Management system helps companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wasteful activities. It reduces the management headaches experienced by fleet managers by providing them with more control and making drivers accountable for their actions.


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