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Prior to using FieldLogix, Kris Woodwaski – the dispatcher for Artic Mechanical – felt completely out of control of her 38 techs. She would frequently “lose” employees and would not be able to tell her boss and customers where techs were and when they were supposed to arrive at a job. FieldLogix changed all of that. Kris is now in control because she uses FieldLogix’s real-time location features to see where all of her techs are and what they are doing at a glance.

kris-artic“Having FieldLogix as my day-time tool allows me to always have spot on whereabouts of all of our employees.”

She also uses the historical reporting features to take the hassle out of getting accurate payroll data. She says, “Viewing the history of our employees day to day as well as stop details makes completing our payroll so much easier”.

FieldLogix helps companies throughout the US reduce many management headaches. It shows companies what their field employees are doing and holds them more accountable. By doing so, it removes a number of administrative headaches and allows owners, managers, and dispatchers to use their time more effectively.

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