San Diego Car2Go Welcomes New Electric Fleet

Beginning Wednesday, San Diego Car2Go users can choose one of the new electric smart fleet vehicles for their ride around town.

Currently, the fleet operates 2010 models and the 400 new electric vehicles will all be 2014 models. Since coming to San Diego in November 2011 more than 1 million trips have been made using the service.

“San Diego is fast becoming the nation’s electric vehicle capital, and with the largest electric car-sharing fleet in the nation, we are proud to continue our commitment in preserving the local environment of our great city,” said Will Berry, the San Diego location manager. “The new 2014 vehicles, while maintaining the zero-emissions footprint, have a much smoother acceleration, and overall, a more comfortable Car2Go driving experience that our members will truly enjoy,” he continued.

After a successful initial launch within the city, Car2Go expanded 45 square miles within the county to give customers more convenience and flexibility.

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