Mobile Time Clock & Cell Phone Tracking

Use our mobile time clock to improve payroll accuracy & track your workers!

Using a mobile time clock for your field employees is critical for avoiding fraud. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, payroll fraud is the #1 source of losses for small businesses and happens to nearly 30% of all organizations. The average cost to a company for payroll fraud is $154,000 per occurrence. We developed the Goose Time Clock to help organizations with field employees improve the accuracy of their employees’ timekeeping. Our mobile time clock is designed for any organization with field employees. Use the Goose time clock to gain better visibility over your field employees today!

mobile time clock

Say goodbye to paper timesheets

With Goose, you no longer have to use the “honor system” by relying on paper time sheets. You will now have indisputable records of your employees’ clock in locations and times. This ensures that you are paying for actual hours worked and nothing more.

  • Employees clock in and out on phones
  • Employees can add notes (i.e. forgot to clockout at 5pm)
  • Employees can view historical time clock records
  • Improve Supervision

    Know when of your employees are on duty and off duty. For on-duty employees, you can view their locations as they complete their work throughout the day.

  • Track employees’ locations while on-duty
  • See locations where employees went off-duty
  • Track on website and via FieldLogix tracking app
  • mobile time clock

    Improve Payroll Accuracy

    Verify your employees’ on-duty and off-duty times to ensure that they are actually at the locations when they say they were.

  • View times and locations for each on-duty and off-duty event
  • View a summary of total hours worked during shifts
  • View any notes employees added when going on or off duty
  • Improve Communications

    Easily keep up to date on your driver’s whereabouts and communicate with them via our Apple Watch app.

  • View locations
  • View on-duty & off-duty statuses
  • Call or text employees
  • mobile time clock

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