San Diego Fleet Services Director Wins Fleet Manager of the Year

fleet managerOver 80 fleet management professionals and fleet solution  providers were in attendance at the 100 Best Fleets Seminar held in Santa Ana, CA, August 26 to discuss best fleet management practices and to solutions to current issues in government fleet management. The seminar was presented by Government Fleet magazine. Tom Johnson, founder of the 100 Best Fleets, was the opening speaker at the fleet management event.

John Alley, CAFM, deputy director, fleet services for the City of San Diego, was previously named Government Fleet’s 2010 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year. Congratulations Mr. Alley! Among his notable accomplishments in 2009, Mr. Alley helped save the City of San Diego nearly $12 million through a fleet reduction program that reduced underutilized and obsolete fleet vehicles by more than 300 units. More on Alley’s award-winning fleet practices will be featured in an upcoming issue of Government Fleet Magazine.

At the Best Fleets seminar, Alley discussed applying business process re-engineering to fleet management in order to streamline operations efficiencies. He also spoke about the internal service fund and avoiding “fleet creep.” In his award acceptance speech, Mr. Alley said he was  was grateful to all the individuals who helped him achieve the prestigious recognition. He thanked his wife of over 45 years, Betty, and also his staff, colleagues, and upper management at the City of San Diego.

At the Best Fleets Seminar, attendees separated into groups to discuss the challenges they face in the public fleet sector. Concerns shared include purchasing alt-fuel vehicles that perform as well as diesel units, budget restrictions and ensuring adequate training for staff, motivating staff and keeping staff levels at the ideal size, and purchasing concerns, which included a criticism of the method of going to bid for purchases.

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