Parents Have Peace of Mind Thanks to GPS Tracking Band


kidsport GPS is the newest child tracking solution hitting the market. The waterproof sports band allows parents to keep track of their children using a cell phone, iPad, or computer. It was created by three Midwestern dads—Brian Sullivan, Eric Long, and Jason Hicks—after one of them had a frightening experience when his daughter went missing at the beach.

“During a group family vacation, one of our daughters wandered off on the beach and was ‘missing’ for an excruciating two and a half hours. We all looked at our phones and thought if only we could track our child like you can track a missing phone. And the idea for kidsport GPS took root,” said Sullivan.

kidsport GPS features an alert button a child can press when in need, geo-fencing that lets parents set outdoor perimeters and receive notification if the child goes out-of-bounds, and removal alert when the band is taken off or cut in two. The GPS tracking band retails for $129  and is currently available to preorder.



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