LG GPS Tracking Wristband Comes to Market

LG is the next major player to market a GPS tracking wristband for use primarily by parents of young children.

The new KizON wristband pinpoints a child’s location using WiFi and GPS, allowing parents to track the child’s location in real-time on a smartphone or tablet. Parents can also call the wristband and it will automatically answer. In addition, the wristband features one button on top that can call a pre-set number in case of emergency.

KizON has a 36 hour battery life and alerts parents when it falls below 25%. The GPS wristband comes in green, blue, or pink plastic and is both water and stain resistant. A wide variety of accessories are available, including characters like Hello Kitty. The wristband launches next month in South Korea and will be available in Europe and the U.S. later this year.

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