GPS Tracking Could Lead to Direct Package Delivery

Fastlane International, a web-based courier service, believes advances in GPS tracking systems will lead to direct deliveries, making home deliveries obsolete.

The company has already been testing direct drops. David Jinks, head of PR for the company, says, “The technology that enables your sat-nav to guide you to your destination, or your smartphone to know the best places to eat or the weather overhead, wherever you are, can also be used to guide people and deliveries directly to you. Fastlane International’s research reveals that, very soon, everything from food to shoes to mobile tablets will be able to be delivered to your precise destination. If you are in a city, the service could be not just same day, but same hour or even quicker.”

Some UK companies are using GPS tracking to drop off things like laundry or forgotten keys. Soon, though, curbside delivery might be a real option, meaning consumers no longer have to wait at home, reroute, or reschedule missed deliveries.

In Sweden, Volvo has successfully be testing their Roam Delivery service, which tracks consumers through GPS and uses Volvo’s On Call technology to unlock and re-lock the car after the item has been placed inside.

Another direct-to-your-car company blazing the way is Cardrops. Consumers install a small transmitter in their car which can be used to track it and then unlock and lock it when the delivery arrives.

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