Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Used To Keep Roads Clear and Safe This Winter

There has been record snow fall in many parts of the US this winter. Right now in California, there is record rainfall which means accidents, landslides, flooding, etc. Driving in winter can be quite a challenge. Harsh winter driving conditions are especially challenging for those responsible for keeping the roads clear and safe. Municipalities and snow removal companies are working long and hard to clear away the water, ice and  snow that inevitably slow down drivers during the busy holiday season.

The equipment and vehicles used to remove snow are now equipped with GPS fleet tracking devices. With the help of the fleet tracking system, the roads can be cleared much quicker.  The GPS tracking can show the exact location of the road cleaning equipment in real-time. The system can monitor the position of the equipment from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing managers to visually dispatch their fleet without having to be on site.

A representative for the Utah Department of Transportation said, “The addition of  GPS tracking systems to our fleet of snow plows is exciting because the tracking systems will drastically improve our routing, planning, and employee accountability efforts…Every year before winter arrives we prepare the best we can for a variety of different scenarios, but this year is different because we have GPS trackers and vehicle tracking system that will aid us in the battle vs. winter.”

The GPS tracking systems that the Utah Department of Transportation (DOT)will be using this winter have many special features that most normal vehicle tracking systems do not have, making them designed specifically for snow plow applications. The special features of the “winter” vehicle tracking system include:

* The ability to access the position of a snow plow blade
* The ability to access whether or not the snow plows are successfully dispensing salt
* The ability to access vehicle speed, location, and routes traveled

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