FieldLogix Releases Updates on Hey Goose!


The newest enhancements on their mobile dispatching and routing app, Hey Goose, will help improve the workflow of drivers and dispatchers. Here are the current updates:

Auto-Prompt on Arrival: When a driver is in-route and approaches the current stop, the app will prompt them to mark the stop as ‘Arrived’. This makes it easier for drivers to update their status and keep their dispatcher in the loop throughout the day.

Stop Description:  Allows drivers to add notes and stop details pertaining to newly added stops.You can also see them in the “Details” view page under the map when checking the destination.

Hey Goose continues to deliver new updates and innovations. Try it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store now! Also, think a friend or fellow business partner may need some Goose guidance? Share the news!

For any questions or training on any features, please contact us at (888) 803-0200 or at


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