Field Technologies Announces The Launch Of FieldLogix

San Diego, CA – February 2, 2007 – Field Technologies announces that it has launched FieldLogix. The system is an affordable alternative to many of the existing GPS products.

The product has three primary advantages.

1. User-friendly: Unlike most very complex GPS fleet management solutions, FieldLogix was built to be extremely user-friendly. This virtually eliminates any training downtime for dispatchers and ensures that the system is fully utilized.

2. Notification-rich: FieldLogix offers more notification alerts than any other system. Such a rich set of notification features releases you from the tedious task of reviewing pages of reports each week. FieldLogix will automatically e-mail users when drivers are not adhering to their required activities.

3. Low hardware costs: By utilizing the best in class 3rd party GPS devices, the upfront equipment costs are among the most competitive in the market. Our equipment costs are, on average, 35% lower than most systems.

“Field Technologies’ started as a reseller for the most popular GPS tracking products at the time. During this phase in our business, we learned that most systems were much too complicated and weren’t utilized to their full potential. They also required the users to dedicate staff time to reviewing mountains of reports at the end of the week to ‘discover’ unproductive activities. We also found that many of these companies used proprietary hardware that only worked with their software. We decided to create FieldLogix to address these issues. It was created to be an affordable, easy to use, and automated solution.”

About Field Technologies: Field Technologies provides GPS tracking systems to companies throughout the US. The company provides products that operate with technologies developed by industry leaders such as Tremble, Microsoft, Motorola, T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless. Due to its industry leading sales consultation and customer support, Field Technologies has grown dramatically and has GPS devices installed in thousands of vehicles nationwide.

For more information regarding our products and a free product demonstration, contact Field Technologies at 888-803-0200 or visit our website at

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