What’s New in 2020

Innovative system features to help you GET MORE DONE!

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We’ve been hard at work over the last year further enhancing FieldLogix features. Our new improvements focus mainly on improving efficiency, safety and helping you GET MORE DONE!  Learn more about our new capabilities and reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Fleet Management Enhancements

Diagnostic Codes

Monitor vehicle health

Monitor fluid levels, MPG’s, your check engine light, and the GPS device’s health.

Driver ID

Improved supervision

Keep track of which driver is operating which vehicle.

Driver Scorecard

Promote safety

Monitor driver performance to improve safety supervision and reward responsible drivers


Save time & simplify testing

Activate and test your own units on your smartphone or our website before releasing the vehicles into the field.

Drag & Drop Stops

Quickly assign jobs to drivers

You can now quickly assign new calls to your closest drivers by searching locations and dragging and dropping to assign them.

In-Cab Cameras

Monitor driver attentiveness

Playback driver safety incidents and monitor driver distractions.

Open API’s

Connect your favorite software

Connect FieldLogix with your software of choice to display data from both systems in one place!

Addl. Integrations

Point & clicking not coding

We have pre-integrated FieldLogix with many popular systems. Avoid spending $ on expensive software development projects.

Safety Alert

Coach drivers in real time

Improve safety by alerting drivers of dangerous behavior in real time with this optional feature.

Custom Forms

Streamline operations

Allow drivers to complete specific forms after jobs are completed such as: work orders, invoices and more!

Landmark Categories 

Simplified supervision

Filter landmark types on maps to better monitor where field employees are throughout the day.



Workforce Management Features

Dispatching Interface

More user-friendly and efficient

Use our Goose app to build, optimize and send jobs to your drivers. Now with predictive traffic!

Job Scheduling

Avoid wasted time

Improve efficiency with job scheduling capabilities to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Edit Time Records

Ensure accurate time keeping

Having the ability to edit employee time clock records is just one way we’re helping your business maintain accurate time logs.

Add Breaks 

Account for breaks between jobs

Whether it’s lunch or a quick coffee break, our mobile time clock allows the option to add breaks to ensure you’re not paying for time your employees aren’t working.

Total Route Time

See when jobs start and end

Monitor when jobs start and end as a way to better manage your workforce and ensure payroll accuracy.

Improved Messaging

Easy-to-use website interface

Communicate with drivers and customers in real-time with our improved messaging interface on the website.

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Stay tuned as we add many exciting new features to our fleet and workforce management solutions in 2020!


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