What’s New in 2019!

See the new and innovative fleet & workforce management features by FieldLogix!

We have been working very hard to improve FieldLogix over the past 2 years. These improvements have focused on 2 areas, enhancing our fleet management features and introducing innovative workforce management features.  Learn more about our new capabilities and reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Fleet Management Enhancements

Vehicle Vitals

Monitor vehicle health

Monitor fluid levels, MPG’s, your check engine light, and the GPS device’s health.

Mobile Apps

Fleet tracking on the go!

See the current and past locations of your vehicles, assets and employees at any given time.

Apple Watch App

Fleet tracking on your wrist!

Simply look at your wrist to see the locations of your vehicles and your employees’ statuses!

Posted Speed Limits

Improve driver safety

Make sure your employees are driving safely on residential streets! Set rules and get alerts if they violate your posted speed limit policies!

Drag & Drop stops

Quickly assign jobs to drivers

You can now quickly assign new calls to your closest drivers by searching locations and dragging and dropping to assign them to your drivers.

In-Cab Cameras

Monitor driver attentiveness

Garmin navigation units now offer an in-cab camera to monitor your drivers to ensure they aren’t distracted and causing safety hazards.

Open API’s

Connect with your favorite software

Connect FieldLogix with your software of choice to display data from both systems in one place!

Pre-built integrations

Point & clicking not coding

We have pre-integrated FieldLogix with many popular systems. Avoid spending $ on expensive software development projects.

Fuel Card Integration

Fuel fraud report

Use fuel fraud reports with WEX fuel card integration to help you catch fraud!

Workforce Management Features

Goose dispatching

Send jobs to drivers

Use our Goose app to build and optimize your routes and send jobs and messages to your drivers.


Alert clients when in-route

Let your clients know when your workers are in route. Improve customer service & eliminate no-shows.

Proof of service

Document your completed jobs

Proof of service gives your workers the ability to capture signatures, take pictures, scan bar codes, & add notes.

Mobile time clock

Track hours worked

Our mobile time clock provides a time and location stamp for each clock in and clock out event.

Receipts & Surveys

Send receipts & collect feedback

Send receipts to your clients, collect feedback on your service, and get Yelp reviews!

Worker Phone Book

Call / Text Drivers from Apps

You can use our app as a phonebook for your drivers to call and text them from the field.

Dispatch from Mobile

Dispatch jobs from the App

Our Android app allows you to dispatch stops to your worker’s phones and modify the route as the day progresses.

Off-Line Mode

Use Goose when out of coverage

Our Goose app allows your workers to update their statuses, clock in and out, and more when they lose cellular coverage.

Goose “Pack”

Dedicated connected device

No smartphones, no problem! We can provide you with a dedicated device for Goose with a cellular connection at a low monthly cost.

Stay tuned as we add many exciting new features to our fleet and workforce management solutions in 2019!