GPS Tracking Systems for Trucking Fleets

Improve the accuracy of your reports and make your miles more profitable!

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For over a decade, FieldLogix has been helping trucking companies throughout North America improve route planning and reduce delivery times with GPS fleet tracking technology.  Companies such as Coca-Cola use FieldLogix to ensure that every mile they travel is profitable. Additionally, they use FieldLogix to reduce wait times, improve IFTA reporting accuracy, reduce deadheading, and reduce theft. Our tracking system has saved trucking companies thousands of dollars annually by improving efficiencies and cutting fuel costs. We provide one of the most competitive and innovative solutions for tracking truck fleets.

Save Fuel

Fuel is likely one of your top 3 expenses. Since your trucks are traveling hundreds of thousands of miles each year, simple changes to how you manage your trucks can cut your fuel expenses dramatically.

  • Route optimization
  • Idle reports & alerts
  • Speeding reports
  • Driver peer comparisons
  • Instant Truck Locations

    As with most trucking companies, you likely have tight itineraries and need to know where your vehicles are at all times. Our truck tracking system shows you were your trucks are every few minutes as they travel.

  • Instant real-time location updates
  • Google maps with real-time traffic
  • Auto-refreshing maps
  • Street view maps
  • Locate trucks on-demand
  • Improve Routing

    Inefficient routing can lead to wasted fuel, wasted time, and unhappy clients. Rather than relying on paper maps or your dispatcher’s knowledge of geography, FieldLogix can help you make sophisticate and cost efficient routing decisions.

  • Build & optimize routes
  • Dispatch routes to your trucks
  • View status updates as stops are complete
  • Two-way driver communication
  • Compare dispatched routes with breadcrumb driving trails
  • Improve Driver Safety

    According to the FMCSA, 73 percent of all accidents that cause fatalities involve large trucks. Excessive speeding and aggressive driving leads to accidents that present a tremendous liability for any trucking company. We help you catch and eliminate unsafe driving behaviors as they occur.

  • Maximum speed violation alert
  • Posted speed violation alerts
  • Aggressive driving monitoring
  • Speeding trends & projections
  • Improve Maintenance

    Since your trucks put so many miles on the road, proper maintenance is key to avoid vehicle downtime and ensure the longevity of your vehicles. We can help you monitor the health of your trucks and alert you when they are due for maintenance.

  • Engine health monitoring
  • Maintenance reminder alerts
  • MPG monitoring
  • Odometer monitoring
  • Oil & coolant pressure monitoring
  • Reduce Theft

    Vehicle and cargo theft is one of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry. According to the FBI, cargo theft costs US trucking companies over $30 Billion per year. With FieldLogix, you can quickly recover your stolen vehicles before the thieves have time to unload your cargo.

  • Geo-fence violation alerts
  • After-hours driving alerts
  • Power disconnected alerts
  • Towing alerts
  • Breadcrumb travel history report
  • ELD Compliance

    Our integration with Apollo’s FMCSA-certified ELD solution allows drivers and carriers to meet mandate requirements while remaining flexible to deal with real life customers’ demands.

  • Pre & post-trip inspections (DVIR)
  • IFTA reporting
  • Includes intra-state rules
  • Supports Spanish
  • Inspection logs for highway patrol
  • “I should have done this years ago!” – Scott @ Stauffer Enterprises

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