Alpine Materials

Troy Suhr of Alpine Materials used to have a lot of problems managing his 14 delivery drivers. He would meticulously plan out his drivers’ routes each morning, only to find that they would make unscheduled stops or would take too long at deliveries, which would throw his plans off.

Troy Suhr - Alpine MaterialsNow that he has FieldLogix+Nav, he uses the route planning features to quickly setup his routes and send them directly to his drivers’ Garmin navigation units. He can also monitor their locations and stops throughout the day to ensure that they are sticking with his routes. He says, “I like not having to worry about whether or not my employees have made it to a stop, are on the way to a stop, or have left a stop.”

Troy also says, “With FieldLogix, I like being able to see where my employees are at all times without having to call each of them several times throughout the day.”

Overall, Troy believes that FieldLogix has greatly improved his operations. He says, “I like how it makes planning our business day so much easier.”

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Artic Mechanical

Prior to using FieldLogix, Kris Woodwaski – the dispatcher for Artic Mechanical – felt completely out of control of her 38 techs. She would frequently “lose” employees and would not be able to tell her boss and customers where techs were and when they were supposed to arrive at a job. FieldLogix changed all of that. Kris is now in control because she uses FieldLogix’s real-time location features to see where all of her techs are and what they are doing at a glance.

Kris Woodwaski - the dispatcher for Artic Mechanical, gives a testimonial for“Having FieldLogix as my day-time tool allows me to always have spot on whereabouts of all of our employees.”

She also uses the historical reporting features to take the hassle out of getting accurate payroll data. She says, “Viewing the history of our employees day to day as well as stop details makes completing our payroll so much easier”.

FieldLogix helps companies throughout the US reduce many management headaches. It shows companies what their field employees are doing and holds them more accountable. By doing so, it removes a number of administrative headaches and allows owners, managers, and dispatchers to use their time more effectively.

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RLH Fire Protection

RLH Fire Protection designs, installs, inspects and repairs fire suppression systems throughout California.  They operate a fleet of 50 vehicles throughout their regional offices in Bakersfield, Pleasanton, and San Francisco.  RLH purchased FieldLogix back in 2010 because they had concerns about inaccurate timesheets, leading to excessive labor costs, as well as challenges in supervising employees working throughout a very wide geographical area.

RLH Fire ProtectionDuring a recent call with Eric Geye of RLH, we discussed the trends report that displays fleet idling and speeding averages after a specific point in time.  Eric, a new fleet manager at RLH, had enacted a new policy regarding idling and speeding shortly after taking on the role.  Eric pointed out a sharp decline in idling and speeding averages in the report by saying “Do you see the how the trend reports began show a downward trend from the month of May onward? Well… I started working here in May.”  Thanks to the trends report, Eric was able to show upper management the impact of his policy and his contribution to reducing the organization’s fuel expenses.

The FieldLogix Green GPS Fleet Management system helps companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wasteful activities. It reduces the management headaches experienced by fleet managers by providing them with more control and making drivers accountable for their actions.

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Sunshine Landscape

Nothing is more troubling than finding out that you have been losing money for years and didn’t even know it. This is exactly what happened to Carlos Contreras at Sunshine Landscape in Palm Desert, CA. Carlos’ team of 15 employees have been using paper time sheets for years to document their work hours for payroll reporting. In his words, these paper time sheets were based on an “honor system”. The employees would document their work hours and would turn the time sheets in at the end of the week. He always suspected that some things didn’t quite add up with the hours they documented and what actually took place in the field.

Carlos Conteras - GPS LandscapingCarlos then decided that GPS tracking would help him address these concerns and give him more control over what took place in the field. After researching 5 different GPS fleet tracking systems, he selected FieldLogix due to its user-friendly interface, affordable hardware, and extensive e-mail alerting features.

Upon installing FieldLogix, Carlos’ suspicions were immediately confirmed. By using the system’s activity reports, he found that his “honor system” was being abused by his employees. By having an accurate way to measure daily work hours, his overtime costs dropped immediately. In fact, his overtime costs dropped by more than 2 hours per man per day with no change in the workload. Based on his calculations, he paid for the entire first year of the system within the first 18 days. Carlos stated: “It dropped my labor costs by 35-45 percent.”

Carlos mentioned that he wished that he bought a GPS system years ago, but put it off because it wasn’t a high priority at the time. Carlos is not alone in his discovery. A study by the Aberdeen Group reports that companies that have implemented a GPS tracking system see a 13.4 percent average reduction in overtime costs.


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