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GPS Tracking and Privacy Rights – Can FBI Track Vehicles Without a Warrant

In some cases, if someone is caught doing something illegal, and 1) the GPS tracking system information was used to convict him or her and 2) the GPS tracking system was placed by law enforcement without a warrant, convictions are not possible or overturned. But in other cases, courts have upheld the use of evidence obtained by placing a GPS device on a suspect’s car without a warrant.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Solutions – Easy Dispatching

Find the Closest Vehicle in One Click GPS Fleet Management Systems

  1. Reduce the Amount of Time in Takes for Dispatcher’s to Route the Closest Driver.
  2. Help Drivers Get to Their Destinations Without Hitting Traffic or Getting Lost.
  3. Reduced Response Time Means Happier Customers and More Revenues.
  4. Send New Job and Job Changes Directly to the Driver’s GPS Fleet Tracking Device.
  5. Monitor Driver’s Status as They Complete Work.
  6. Instantly Text Drivers On The Go.