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GPS Tracking Devices Used to Stop Endangered Rhinocerous Poaching

GPS global positioning system rhino rhinocerousGPS tracking devices have been placed on several Rhinos in South Africa in an effort to stop the endangered animals from being killed by poachers. According to BBC News, the The North West Park Board in the Mafikeng Game Reserve began placing the GPS tracking devices on the Rhinos in April of 2010. To date, several Rhinos are being monitored by the GPS tracking system. The Board plans to tag many more animals with GPS tracking devices in the upcoming months.

The GPS tracking devices are fitted into the rhino’s horn by drilling a small hole in the inert or dead part of the horn. As well as GPS tracking, the devices are equipped with an alarm system to notify game wardens of unusual Rhino movement or location. According to Rusty Hustler, head of security for North West Parks Board,”There are a number of alarms that can be programmed: one for excessive movement, so if the rhino starts running, and another that goes off if the rhino sleeps for longer than six hours, which is abnormal.” He added that in the future, the devices could even help to track rhino horns that were taken by poachers to help combat the illegal trade.

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Used to Settle School Bus-Stop Disputes

school bus fleet GPSGPS fleet tracking systems were installed last year in 300 school buses in St. Paul, MN. At first, drivers were not overly enthusiastic about the installation of the GPS fleet tracking devices. Until the drivers realized just how useful they could be. Not only have the GPS tracking devices help resolve heated disputes between parents and drivers, but in some cases, the GPS tracking devices have saved bus drivers from losing their jobs.

On a typical day, the public school system in St. Paul is responsible for transporting an average of 38,000 students. The school’s transportation department often receive dozens of calls a day from parents complaining that the bus never picked up their child. Until recently, before the
GPS systems were installed, it was the school bus driver’s word against the parent’s. That has all changed since the school district installed a GPS fleet tracking system in every one of the school district’s 300 buses.

Child GPS Tracking Systems Give Parents Peace of Mind

gps tracking for children safetyKeeping children safe and secure is a top priority for good parents. There are uncountable ways to do this. More and more parents are using child GPS tracking devices for this exact reason. These GPS tracking systems utilizes cutting-edge technology and are becoming more popular all the time. The child GPS tracking industry has advanced greatly in the last few years and is a fairly new use of gps technology.

Are you wondering if you should use a child GPS device for safety? If so, then you should consider the benefits that they have to offer. A parent’s life is a constant juggling act. Keeping track of your children at all times can be difficult. There is a certain peace of mind in knowing exactly where your vehicle is located in real-time 24/7. Which is why so many of these GPS tracking devices are invaluable to parents.

These GPS tracking devices can 1) let you know when your children arrive at school safely; 2) locate your children when they are not at home 3) locate your child quickly in a crowd if you lose him or her. The stress and panic associated with losing a small child or teenager can be tremendous. When it comes to children, you can never be too safe – which is why you should have a child GPS device for safety.