SmartWitness Cameras Make Fleet Vehicles Safer

UK company, Auto Windscreens, is installing SmartWitness cameras in every one of its fleet vehicles to further promote driver safety.

So far, 340 fleet vehicles have been outfitted with the forward-facing cameras using adhesive pads. The cameras are hardwired to the vehicle battery and not only record video footage, but also records speed and driving style.  All the data is stored on a secure memory card for review.

Managing Director of Auto Windscreens, Chris Thornton, hopes it will protect both drivers as well as the company against false claims and other safety hazards. “Driving standards are essential to any fleet and our investment in SmartWitness cameras is part of our commitment to promote better driving behaviors among our technicians. It will also help to safeguard them in the event of an accident that is not their fault and identify if any retraining is needed,” Thornton said.

Additionally, the cameras are not only being embraced by drivers who feel reassured in the event of an accident, but they’ve also proven to be a beneficial training tool.

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