New Survey Says Tracking Vehicles with Fleet GPS Lowers Operating Costs

New Vehicle Tracking Survey Says Using Fleet GPS Lowers Fuel and Operating Costs, Improves Productivity

A new vehicle tracking survey was released last month in the UK. Results of the study showed that businesses using fleet GPS tracking systems are saving money in several ways. The vehicle tracking survey showed that businesses can achieve measurable benefits in terms of fleet performance, service and legislative compliance.

The vehicle tracking study was conducted by CTrack. The company surveyed over 250 fleet decision makers in the UK. The survey was developed to provide insight into the uptake of vehicle tracking amongst UK-based businesses, how the technology is being used, what benefits are being achieved and what barriers are preventing more companies adopting a vehicle tracking solution. When asked about the primary purpose for vehicle tracking more than a third of the respondents using the technology stated productivity was the main reason, whilst cost reduction, asset management and customer service made up almost half of the answers.

However, it seems that fleets are achieving multiple benefits from their vehicle tracking system including reduced costs (70%); increased productivity (59%); added understanding of driver behaviour (47%); increased security (46%); improved customer service (43%); proof of delivery or completion of work (43%); enhanced workflow management (42%); and improved duty of care (33%).

The biggest cost savings were due to:

  • a reduction in fuel usage (8.6% savings)
  • a reduction in overtime claims (15.3% savings)
  • lowered communications costs (13.3% savings)

Not all of the survey respondents are currently using fleet GPS. Of the respondents not using vehicle tracking within their fleet operation, 64% had previously considered using the technology and 51% believed that it could benefit their business.

The full version of the Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Survey 2011 can be downloaded here:


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