Tracking System

US Fleet Tracking Invitational Gives Basketball Fans Their Game Day Fix

fleet tracking invitational lebron jamesThis week the US Fleet Tracking Basketball Invitational was hosted by Kevin Durant. The charity game was a wish come true for thousands of basketball fans who are eagerly awaiting the start of this year’s NBA season. The game benefited the Single Parents Support Network of Oklahoma.

GPS Shoes for Alzheimer’s Patients – Tracking System For Loved Ones

Shoes that have a built-in global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking system inside the heels are coming soon to a store near you. The GPS tracking shoes were created for Alzheimer’s patients who are at risk of wandering off.

Because the GPS tracking system inside the shoes is inconspicuous, they don’t make the patient feel inadequate. Other GPS tracking devices such as bracelets, necklaces or anklets are often rejected by Seniors “because paranoia is a manifestation of the disease,” according to Project adviser Andrew Carle of George Mason University’s College of Health and Human Services. “If you put something on someone with Alzheimer’s that they don’t recognize, they remove it. If it’s a wristwatch and it’s not their wristwatch, they will take it off. So you have to hide it.”

More Accurate Storm Tracking System Unveiled in Seattle

Bad weather can’t be controlled, but now it can be more accurately measured and predicted, thanks to a brand new storm tracking system unveiled this weekend by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. Bad weather costs the city millions every year, and sometimes storms can be deadly. For example, in December 2006, a woman drowned in her basement from a surge of floodwater. This storm alone resulted in over 300 damage claims, and cost the city $3.2 million.

The city expects the new storm tracking system will save the city money, and help protect its people and their property by giving them faster, more accurate warnings. Plus it can help to ease traffic congestion and reduce car accidents caused by big storms.

FieldLogix Helps VanGuard Alarms Improve Dispatching

Archived Routing Information – FieldLogix offers present-time and archival routing information so he knows where drivers have traveled and where they are heading. By combining location- and time-based information, he can easily track the exact number of hours to charge customers and verify employee hours worked. This helps with accurate billing, payroll, and fewer overtime hours.

Bailey said, “My guys travel quite frequently but FieldLogix gives me the exact time when an employee started a vehicle, when he arrived or left a job site, and when the vehicle was shut off. l know exactly how long the employee took at each site and how long they worked during the entire day.”