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Fleet Tracking System Helps Albertina Kerr Cut Fuel Usage 1,100 Gallons in Two Weeks

At first Albertina Kerr Centers was unsure if a fleet tracking system would really help him cut costs, but he quickly realized how valuable the tracking system is.
According to Keil Southworth of Albertina Kerr Centers, “Our fuel usage dropped by 1,100 gallons the first two weeks after installing the FieldLogix fleet tracking system. The following two weeks our usage went back up 400 gallons but still was 700 gallons under our average.”

GPS Tracking System Helps Football Coaches Monitor Players During Games

In Europe, football coaches are using GPS tracking systems to train and monitor their players while they are on the field. GPS tracking technology is just starting to enter the market in football, but many believe it will become more popular in the coming years.

This weekend there was a big game scheduled at an outdoor stadium, Millennium Stadium, between Wales and France, but the weather was cold and rainy. The stadium had a retractable roof that can be closed when the weather is bad, but France coach Philippe Saint-André refused to agree to close the roof because it would affect the GPS tracking system worn by his players, according to Whales News online.

Coach Saint-André claimed the GPS tracking system wouldn’t work properly if the roof was closed because it would block the GPS signals the devices need to be operate.

The GPS tracking system gives Saint-Andre and his staff a vast amount of information at the touch of a button, even telling them if a player is tiring, how much force he is putting into tackles and how much effort he is making. It helps coaches in deciding when and who to substitute during games – and Saint-Andre wasn’t prepared to compromise.

Cell Phone GPS Catches City Employee Leaving Work Early – 83 Times

gps tracking blackberryNYC Employee Busted by Cell Phone’s GPS Tracking System. Caught Falsifying His Time-Records.

When he accepted a cell phone from his employer in 2005, John Halpin never guessed that a perk would get him fired.

John Haplin worked for the NYC school system as a carpenter supervisor for 21 years. According to city officials, he was falsifying his time-records.

Dept. of Energy Needs Loan Tracking System

A loan tracking system could improve the government’s loan review process and help underwriters to make better lending decisions.

The Department of Energy’s standards for loan guarantees are as high or higher than any in the private sector, the GAO said. The problem is that the DOE may not be following its own standards.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Helps Dunphy’s Extermapest Cut Fuel Costs

gps fleet tracking system – reportsGas prices are typically low in winter, but not this year. Currently the U.S. average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gas is $3.80, 30 cents more than one month ago, and 25 cents more than one year ago, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

Despite today’s sky-high gas prices, Ron Dunphy, president of Dunphy’s Extermapest in Palm Springs, California has seen a significant reduction in his fuel costs since installing his FieldLogix GPS fleet tracking system last year.