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It was 4:45pm as Sam watched his coworkers walk out the door. It was their Taco Tuesday tradition to go to the cantina down the street, but he wasn’t going to be able to join this time…yet again. This always happened on the days payroll was due.

He already knew it’d be a late night for him, as sorting through paper time sheets, calling workers regarding mispunches, and trying his best to determine if the employees’ time cards looked accurate typically took hours.

He’d been in a management position for 7 years and tried his best to trust his employees, but one specific incident 2 years prior prevented him from doing so..

…he discovered an employee going to see movies on the clock! 

Paper time sheets are a burden to you, your employees, and can lead to several problems. Whether it’s employees forgetting their actual hours worked when entering the data, loosing the time sheet and having to guess, or human error while manually entering payroll, it ends up costing the company. These problems don’t event take fraud into account, which occurs within 30% of all organizations!

Learn how we’re different

Avoid these issues with an advanced mobile time clock!

With Goose, you now have:

A simple mobile time clock!

It is a one-click process for your employees to clock in and out. They can even add notes each time and review their time clock history on their device!

Time & Location Stamps & GPS Tracking

View a report of each time they clocked in and out along with their exact locations. You can also track their locations while they are clocked in!

Recent studies show that organizations waste an average of 4% of their payroll expenses due to clerical errors. Also, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that each incidence of payroll fraud costs an organization an average of $154,000 per incident. Take steps now to improve your payroll accuracy and ensure that you are paying your field employees for an honest day’s work!

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“Before FieldLogix, our employees’ timesheets were off by 1 to 2 hours from the time actually worked.” – Chuck Chen @ Blue Chip Pest Control

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