Valley Wholesale Drug Selects FieldLogix for IT Structure

Valley Wholesale Drug distributes pharmaceuticals throughout the Central Valley of California. They have been in business since 1948 and have built up a significant technical infrastructure over time. In 2010, the Systems Administrator, Chan Yann, reached out to FieldLogix to assist them in tracking their fleet of vehicles that operate throughout California. In addition to their obvious security needs, they needed FieldLogix to assist them in managing their deliveries and optimizing their routes.

Chan, along with their IT director evaluated several systems and were specifically looking for security, control, and accessibility as key criteria for their purchase.

They selected FieldLogix for these reasons:


– SSL encrypted site, ensuring that web activities are not viewed by 3rd parties.
– VPN data connection to the wireless carrier, securing the transmitted location data
– Server infrastructure housed in a secured biometric accessed collocation facility.
– Built on a secure Microsoft software stack (.Net, MSSQL)


– User privileges, giving them the ability to show or hide vehicles for certain users.
– The ability to show or hide certain features for certain users.
– The ability to audit who accessed the system, their IP address, and pages viewed.


– FieldLogix mobile apps that are available for iPhone and Android devices.
– The ability to access FieldLogix from devices such as iPads & Android tablets.
– The ability to utilize the FieldLogix API at no additional cost.

Since 2002, FieldLogix has been helping companies reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wasteful activities. It is a very flexible, yet secure solution that gives technical managers the comfort they need when making an IT investment decision.

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