Watch the replay: Goose v5 Features Release – New Functionality to Help You Get More Done!


At FieldLogix, our goal is to help our customers improve their business’ efficiency and overall operations. That is why we are continually enhancing our products to find new, innovative ways to serve our customers.

This year, FieldLogix has added eight new features to our Field Resource Management platform to enhance dispatching to the Goose mobile application. With these new updates, businesses can complete more jobs while reducing fleet employees’ time on the road.

Some of the game-changing features covered include:

  • Enhanced dispatching features
  • New time-clock management features
  • Persistent two-way messaging
  • Support for multiple time zones
  • New integrations
  • Many more, all designed to help you…get more done!

Watch v5 the Replay!

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About the Presenter

Armand Gatdula is the VP of Operations at FieldLogix. He has 14 years in the fleet management industry, leading operations, customer service, logistics, and project management. He has led many initiatives within FieldLogix, which has won the company innovation awards such as the IoT Breakthrough Award and the A-List in IoT Award.

About FieldLogix

FieldLogix provides an award-winning Field Resource Management solution that is used by companies such as Trane & Coca-Cola. The solution helps organizations increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, and improve customer loyalty. It has been a BBB A+ member since 2003 and has won numerous awards for its excellence in innovation, customer support, and growth.