Get free Green decals for your fleet vehicles & website to create goodwill!

Fleet vehicles are known to be significant contributors of greenhouse gasses and sooner or later, pressure will be placed on fleet operators to curb fleet emissions. Many of our customers are telling us that they have already seen new RFP’s and client contracts that require them to take steps to reduce fleet emissions.


The simplest way that you can cut vehicle emissions is by reducing vehicle idling and speeding. FieldLogix offers numerous reports and alerts that help you stay on top of these poor driving habits so you can take corrective action right away.

Since you have made a significant investment in FieldLogix, you should use it to create goodwill within your community and gain new business.

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Many of our customers are using our green decals to:

  • Demonstrate their commitment to reducing vehicle pollution
  • Use as a tool for marketing their services to new customers
  • Show their community that they are taking action to be green and reduce pollution