How FieldLogix Compares

See how we stack up against other field resource management solutions

Since 2002, we have been providing the most innovative, user friendly, and best supported fleet and driver management system in the US. Our customers often compare an average of 5 systems before selecting us. They select FieldLogix because of our user-friendly real-time tracking features, innovative mobile apps, rich reporting capabilities, and competitive pricing.

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Posted Speed Limit Monitoring
  • Driver trends & projections
  • Driver Safety Monitoring
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Key2Act integration
  • Apple Watch App
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • Awarded for innovation

“Much more user friendly, better features and lower cost. Wins across the board!” – Chris Miller @ Trane

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