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See why a fire and security company would highly recommend FieldLogix

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. delivers integrated, leading-edge fire protection, life safety and security solutions, including fire suppression, fire sprinklers, fire detection, alarms and security systems.

Before FieldLogix, VSC had tried a handful of different field resource management, but were not happy with the results they were seeing. Upon working with Fieldlogix, VSC says they feel they have found the best solution.

Kyle Kienzle, ​the Director of Applications says, “With FieldLogix, we take comfort that the technology handles almost any situationquestion we pose and the [FieldLogix] team is willing to help address any gaps andor integrations in short order – all at an affordable price.”

He would recommend FieldLogix to other Fire and Security companies because, “they understand the space, have the functionality and one of the best prices. I’ve worked with other solutions and this one has received the highest remarks not only from my, but all my colleagues.”

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